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You're Never Alone If You Have a Book

It's the end of the year. That means we have reached that time when I reflect on the rollercoaster that was 2022 and all the wonderful bits and bites of media that helped me survive. Today, we look at books. Once again, this year I managed to read 14 books. They were...

I very much enjoyed Circe by Madeline Miller and The Hunger by Alma Katsu but if I had to pick two favorites, they'd be...

And while one of the above reads ripped me to emotional shreds, it is the more practical tome that's my favorite of the year. If you know me, that's a shocking statement because I heart fiction but the practicality of Antony Johnston's guide helped me get back in the writing saddle this past year. I loved it so much that I've gifted it at least five times now and the least enthusiastic review I've received was, "that was pretty good." The rest of my lucky friends have marked up their copies with pens, pencils, highlighter, flags… heck, you can see that I'm fond of using tiny Post-It notes myself.

Here's hoping 2023 brings us all many more good reads.

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