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The 2022 Spooktober Movie Marathon - Week Two Thrills

We made it to the second week of October. Gotta be honest, it was touch-and-go there for a bit but I survived. That's a damn good reason to celebrate with more cinematic horrors. Here's how I rate these sinful pleasures:

  • A Must See = ***

  • Bloody Fun = **

  • Only for Horror Fans = *

Let's splatter this list!

THE BATWOMAN - Before you tell me this isn't a horror movie, I will have you know that one of the baddies is a half-wrester, half-goldfish sea creature created by a mad scientist with an assistant named Igor. If that weren't enough to turn you on to this once lost Mexican lucha flick from the late 60s about a bikini clad Batwoman fighting crime… check your pulse cause you might be dead. **

WEREWOLF BY NIGHT - The MCU finally jumps into the horror genre with both feet and the result is WAY bloodier than I ever could have guessed. This mini-movie has a ton of fun nods and easter eggs for the geekiest of comic book nerds as well as the most blood-thirsty of horror fanatics. **

YOU'RE NEXT - I originally saw this movie on a whim and I left the theater positive this riff on the home invasion genre heralded the arrival of a tremendous, new talent. Low and behold, it's been awesome to see director Adam Wingard grow as a filmmaker. Here's hoping he returns to the genre soon. ***

THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN - As a lifelong Star Wars fan, I love me some Peter Cushing but I had no idea that Christopher Lee played the monster. Goddamn this is a fun little bit of Brit nastiness (it was originally rated X in the UK). **

THERE'S SOMEONE INSIDE YOUR HOUSE - Fun, glossy, and slick, this Netflix original produced by not one but two big-time filmmakers (James Wan and Shawn Levy) goes down like a well sharpened knife. **

BLOOD QUANTUM - I went into this movie with zero expectations and I was blown away by its excellence and surprising depth. Not only was this a satisfying zombie flick but it was clear to me that this movie was made with love and a strong vision. I told my friend Leah that I was excited to see this filmmaker's next work. Then the very next day I learned of his passing. Truly, we were robbed of a wonderful talent. ***

RESIDENT EVIL - I know everyone likes to dog the Resident Evil movies but I think they're awesome. Don't believe me? The New Yorker called them "unusual genius." ***

HALLOWEEN KILLS - This film was not what I was expecting. It faced a lot of backlash, not all of it warranted. Personally, I'm glad the director took a big, creative swing. **

This week's "best of" honor goes to BLOOD QUANTUM and the memory of its director. RIP, Jeff Barnaby.

See ya next week.

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