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The 2021 Spooktober Movie Marathon - Third Week Terrors

Friends! We made it to the third week of my horror movie marathon. Here's how I rate these terror filled tomes:

  • A Must See = ***

  • Bloody Fun = **

  • Only for Horror Fans = *

Good? Then let's get these meddling kids.

28 DAYS LATER - This punk rock zombie epic redefined the genre. It represents peak miniDV filmmaking. And it's still scary as all get out. ***

THE INVISIBLE MAN (1932) - An excellent precode picture that lets the main character revel in the perversity of his nastiness. Also worth it just to check out Gloria (Old Rose from "Titanic") Stuart when she was a fetching young lass. **

NO ONE GETS OUT ALIVE - It took this film a long time to hook me. I stuck it out because of the solid performances, especially by lead Cristina Rodlo. But once the final third of this flick struck, it delivered on every bloody desire I was harboring. **

HALLOWEEN KILLS - While the latest entry in this solid reboot garnered some controversy, I'm still perplexed at the absolute missed opportunity with the final mob scene. *

THE DESCENT - Lean and mean, this modern classic unfolds effortlessly and beautifully until it crescendos in a spectacular eruption of violence. ***

THE AMITYVILLE HORROR (2005) - Ryan Reynolds' abs. Ryan Reynolds' abs. Ryan Reynold's abs. Oh, is that Chloë Grace Moritz? Wait… what's the movie about? Oh, yeah, Ryan Reynolds' abs.

The pick of this is obviously it's 28 Days Later but everyone also needs to watch The Descent.

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