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The 2021 Spooktober Movie Marathon - The Final Week

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Survivors! We made it though the final week of October. My horror movie marathon is dead and buried. Still, let's check the corpses to make sure this sucker stays down. As a reminder, here's how I rate these haunting horror films:

  • A Must See = ***

  • Bloody Fun = **

  • Only for Horror Fans = *

Let us prepare for the final kills.

28 WEEKS LATER - This AMAZING cast does everything they can to elevate this sequel but there's no way it can surpass the best zombie movie of the 21 century. Also, further proof that kids + apocalypse = nothing but trouble. **

TILL DEATH - It takes a bit to get going but once it does, this clever little horror thriller delivers some fiendish fun. Also, I'm so here for the Megan Fox-aissance. **

AFFLICTED - A decent found-footage flick with at least one shocking twist — plus some of the camera work is dang amazing. **

TRAIN TO BUSAN PRESENTS PININSULA - Take everything I was "meh" about from Army of the Dead, then drown it under a heavy pour of "heartwarming, family style melodrama" and you get this. I will give it that it looks great! *

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: NEXT OF KIN - It's the same ol' formula but damn it's effective. Also, the ending is way more satisfying than I originally hoped. Worth the watch. **

OUIJI: ORIGIN OF EVIL - I had no idea this was a Mike Flanagan joint (despite bearing all the signs). Since we've uncorked the Hasbro board game-verse, can I finally pitch my Hungry Hungry Hippos horror movie? ***

CENSOR - Holy wow! A slow burn about Britain's video nasties that goes *there* with smarts, style and swagger. A bloody terrific film. Bravo. ***

NIGHT TEETH - Despite style to spare, this "Collateral but with vampires" defangs their characters to service a confounding plot. But there's some good casting and, dang, it sure is pretty. *

DRACULA (1931, SPANISH LANGUAGE) - While Tod Browning shot the Lugosi version, an entirely different cast & crew shot a version of the movie for Latin America. Not only is it 30-minutes longer, it's a whole lot lustier. **

HALLOWEEN (2018) - An absolutely kick-ass reboot/jump start to the series. Just a ton of fun. ***

DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE (1920) - Went to Disney Concert Hall to view this with live organ accompaniment. My favorite bit has to be when Hyde — played by John (grandfather of Drew) Barrymore — beats that guy to death… then decides to keep beating him just because. **

THE WOLFMAN (1941) - A very pervy movie with great makeup. **

To pick just one movie from all of the above is a tough order but I'll have to go with Censor. It truly was a top notch horror film. Until next year, stay safe my little slashers.

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