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The 2021 Spooktober Movie Marathon - Second Week Scares

Welcome to my second post chronicling the horror films I've watched this month. As a refresher, here's how I rate these fiendish flicks:

  • A Must See = ***

  • Bloody Fun = **

  • Only for Horror Fans = *

Right? Right. Let's stick this pig.

TITANE - I went into this film having only seen the trailer and holy hell — I gripped the armrests with such force that I threatened to rip them right off the seat. Unpredictably wild, oddly touching, and wonderfully imperfect, it's no wonder why this body horror flick won the Palme d'Or. ***

BOYS FROM COUNTY HELL - Did you know that Irish folklore can lay claim to a vampire of their very own? No? Then pull a pint and spend some time drinking in a monster movie that knowns how to balance scares, sincerity and laughs. **

PREY - If you have a soft spot for the "hunters become the hunted" trope, then take aim at this little flick. *

DREAMCATCHER - Why did Lawrence Kasdan make this? What was William Goldman thinking when he adapted this Stephen King story? Did the amazing cast arrive to set "in" on it, or were they flabbergasted by the results? For a $70 million sci-fi / horror movie, this might be the most bonkers big-budget studio effort of the early 2000's. Regardless, you'll laugh your ass off when you aren't picking your jaw up from the floor. ***

BODY AT BRIGHTON ROCK - A young woman must survive the night lost in the woods. If that's your jam, or if you're curious about one of the fairer sex's bright new horror talents, sink your teeth into this sucker. *

LAMB - While this nightmarish fable doesn't always add up in the logic department, I would urge ewe (I had to) to race baaaaaa-ck (could not resist) to cinemas for this cute and cuddly, artsy-fartsy monster morsel. *

Looking back at my log, the pick of the week has to be TITANE. It's the reason we all love to go to the movies.

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