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The 2021 Spooktober Movie Marathon - Fourth Week Frights

Amigos! We're rounding the fourth week of October, so my horror movie marathon is almost dead… BUT NOT YET! As a refresher, here's how I rate these fright-filled films:

  • A Must See = ***

  • Bloody Fun = **

  • Only for Horror Fans = *

You ready? Then let's stuff this creepy clown doll.

PIECES - An exemplar of shlock cinema. This trash cinema treasure is only for hardcore fans. If you count yourself among that perverse horde, this will chainsaw a smile across your face. *

THE BLACK CAT - Before Freddy vs. Jason, there was Lugosi vs. Karloff. Though a flop at the time, the heat between these two titans of horror is palpable. And their final confrontation, thought played in silhouette, managed to make me squirm. *

THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN - This horny little flick, the first great movie sequel, delivers a deluge of memorable moments, easily making it one of the best Universal horror films from the 30s. ***

WE ARE STILL HERE - An imperfect haunted house flick but you'll want to stay until the end. It gets exponentially crazier with each passing minute. Also, it stars underground horror icon Larry Fessenden. *

Without a doubt, my pick of the week is The Bride of Frankenstein. A masterpiece on so many levels.

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