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The 2020 Scary Movie Marathon: Swamps, Snakes & Space

Welcome to my second post chronicling all the horror films I've been watching this month. As a refresher, here's how I rate these fiendish flicks:

  • You Must See it = ***

  • A Wonderful Waste of Time = **

  • Only for Horror Fans = *

Let's stick this pig.

DEATHDREAM - This Bob Clark flick about a war vet with issues proves that the most disturbing movies will always be 70's horror flicks. **

PRIMEVAL - I have a soft spot for gator movies, and this one features a chonky unit. *

FRIGHT NIGHT - My first time seeing this classic and it was just as disturbing as I always thought it'd be. ***

RATTLESNAKE - A tight little thriller with a damn good performance by the leading lady. **

DARK WAS THE NIGHT - I love discovering a good creature feature and this one hit all the right notes. **

SHARK NIGHT - Sharks in a swamp. Rednecks on boats. Teens in bathing suits. *

DAY OF THE DEAD: BLOODLINE - A pretty good movie under tons of gore. **

APOLLO 18 - Yet another found footage film but space spiders make me shiver. *

A.M.I. - Mom's dead? There's an app for that. *

HATCHET - It takes place during Mardi Gras. Candyman pops up for a minute. Also, lots of boobs. *

IT'S ALIVE - Like I said, the 70's made the most disturbing movies of all time. **

Hands down, my pick of the litter is the original FRIGHT NIGHT. I'll even go so far as to say that the recent remake was pretty good, too.

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