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The 2020 Scary Movie Marathon: Foxy Ladies, Foreign Languages & The Flu

People, this is it. My final horror movie post of the month. As a reminder, here's how I rate these murderous movies:

  • You Must See it = ***

  • A Wonderful Waste of Time = **

  • Only for Horror Fans = *

Let's stick this pig one last time.

DEADLY DETENTION - Your favorite teen stereotypes get knocked off one by one. *

MADRE - Never trust the cleaning lady; note, I'm giving this two stars based on 98% of the movie but the final 2% would get just a single star. **

CULTURE SHOCK - I love Martha Higareda. **

BEAST OF THE WATER - That's a damn good looking monster. *

TREMORS: SHRIEKER ISLAND - Enjoyed every minute. ***

UNCAGED (PREY) - The dubbing on this both breaks and makes the movie. **

THE FLU - Only about 30% is horror. The other 60% is heart-warming family style drama with 10% rom-com. But that slice of horror rings all too true. *

CAM - Short, taught and sexy [insert inappropriate joke here]. ***

MAY THE DEVIL TAKE YOU - This Indonesian flick shredded my nerves. ***

30 DAYS OF NIGHT - So beautiful to look at. **

OVERLORD - They kill Nazis? Yes, please. **

CADAVER - Don't watch while eating lunch. **

THE PLATFORM - A razor sharp social-commentary horror flick. **

If I had to pick just one flick from this lot, it'd be MAY THE DEVIL TAKE YOU. It's the movie I keep thinking about.

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