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I Believe in the Church of Cinema

It's been over 120 days since I've been to the cinema. I have missed every bit of the movie going experience. I miss the smell of popcorn, even though I don't eat the stuff. I miss the pre-show ads. I miss the lights going up before the movie has actually ended. My soul yearns to be in a big theater on opening night with an audience that's ready to receive our holiest sacrament. I'm dying to see a movie (but I don't want to die to see a movie).

The last movie I saw in theaters was The Invisible Man. I saw it in an IMAX theater. I saw it in Bengaluru, India. The worst part of the experience was the mid-show (forced) intermission where the ads were cranked up to 1100 dB but for a $3.15 ticket, I shouldn't complain. In fact, I won't. I loved it. It was everything I wanted because I believe.

I believe in the church of cinema. I believe in pitch black auditoriums. I believe in immersive audio. I believe in laser projectors. I believe in 3D. I believe that if it was shot on IMAX, you should see it in IMAX. I believe in 16mm film. I believe in optical tracks. I believe in prints so old that they're this close to literally being fire. I believe in my heart of hearts that I will always be a part of the cinema, even if I'm not working in it. And I believe we will all be back in theaters again and it will be glorious.

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