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Books Are The Lonely Man's Best Friend

Time to look back at the swampy, foggy quagmire that was 2021. Over the past twelve months, I somehow managed to read 14 books. They were...

Favorites included:

… with my absolute treasured reads being...

The pair are part bio, part practical writing advice, and entirely what I needed to read this year. Each tale of creative struggle let me know that I'm not alone, no matter how much I feel that I am. They reminded me to accept that I am human, I am flawed, and that any obstacle is temporary. I do have more to say about humanity and our flaws. I could gush about the absolute comfort each tome brought me, but, as the distractions of the world keep knocking on my sacred space, I'll stop here.

(Wow… I sound like I lost my head in the clouds but that's the power of those two treatises.)

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