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2022 Noirvember - No Cage Can Hold Me

It's the third week of Noirvember and this quintet of features highlights a line up of toughs lookin' to bust out of the cooler. To size up these killers, my rating system:

  • Sister, I’ve Known Some Pretty Hard Cases in My Time; You Make ‘em All Look Like Putty. = ***

  • You've Probably Had Your Bread Buttered on Both Sides Since the Day You Were Born. = **

  • I Wouldn't Give You the Skin Off a Grape = *

Riot in the cell block, buster.

BRUTE FORCE - Made in 1947, this film features not just a pair of terrific turns by Lancaster and Cronyn, not just some AMAZING cinematography, but also what feels like a deeply humane depiction of prisoners that's way ahead of its time. Everyone needs to check this out. ***

THE NAKED CITY - A Jules Dassin classic that I've always given a bit of the side eye. Obviously it's a massive influence on the police procedural but it never felt noir enough for me. **

CALL NORTHSIDE 777 - A decent movie made better by Jimmy Stewart and Lee J. Cobb, but the real reason this ends up a classic is because of its ripped-from-the-headlines storytelling. **

FORCE OF EVIL - If you're looking for one of the fiercest dissections of American capitalism, look no further. **

CRY OF THE CITY - A better than average film from a titan of the genre, the real gem here is watching Hope Emerson's performance. **

If it isn't obvious, my pick of the week is BRUTE FORCE. See ya next time, killer.

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