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2022 Noirvember - Dangerous Dames

I just finished my Spooktober movie marathon but thanks to some old advice from a beloved friend, I'm rolling straight into Noirvember. I mean, who can resist a dangerous dame. My revamped rating system:

  • Sister, I’ve Known Some Pretty Hard Cases in My Time; You Make ‘em All Look Like Putty. = ***

  • You've Probably Had Your Bread Buttered on Both Sides Since the Day You Were Born. = **

  • I Wouldn't Give You the Skin Off a Grape = *

(Yes, those are all actual quotes from some great noir flicks)

Let us begin.

OUT OF THE FOG - A pretty good Ida Lupino picture about wanting to get out of the gutter and the danger of having big dreams. *

THE GLASS KEY - Often considered the inspiration for Miller's Crossing, this twisty film is so convoluted that I couldn't reiterate the plot without the aid of a whiteboard (that's a compliment for a noir, if you were wondering). Also, Veronica Lake — she'd make a good dog break off his leash. *

THIS GUN FOR HIRE - With a clarity of character intentions that are crushed at every turn, this proto-noir is a great gateway into the genre. Also, bonus points because the lead slaps someone silly for harassing a cat. **

DETOUR - A goddamn classic about fate doing its very best to crush you at every turn. ***

DECISION TO LEAVE - I've seen this Chan-Wook Park masterpiece twice now and damn if it isn't going to be one of my top three movies of the year. ***

If I had to pick just one movie for this week, I'm gonna go with DETOUR. So many films owe their DNA to this low budget gem. Until next week, stay diamonds.

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