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Random Stuff

This is my scratch pad of random stuff. Expect the wackier side of me. As I play around with this page, feel free to shoot me a suggestion.

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Random Recs

A Great Movie

Everyone must watched One Cut of the Dead but don't spoil it for yourself. Don't read any review. Don't watch the trailer. Don't even ask a friend about it. Just rent it and thank me later.

A Great Book

If you want a tome that's "14 Die Hards rolled into a literary thriller" (cute book clerk's pitch) then you must check out Reamde by Neal Stephenson.

A Great Board Games

I know it might seem gauche but everyone should play Pandemic. And if you dig it, move on Pandemic Legacy like a mouse on cheese.

Across the Web

Board Game Geek - Recently Played

The last 5 board games I played, as logged into Board Game Geek.

Flickr Album - Singapore 2020

Pics from my 2020 visit to Singapore, as uploaded to Flickr.

More to Come

Still working on stuff.

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